the joseph grey in full fucking effect (greyplanet) wrote,
the joseph grey in full fucking effect

doggie judgement.

do you let your dog sleep in your bed?

i am reading all these articles on training your dog to make sure he doesn't misbehave. and all of them. . . well. . . kind of suck. there's a lot of no's and don'ts in all these articles. don't let your dog sleep in your bed. don't let your dog go through a doorway first. don't play with your dog on the floor. don't let your dog sit on your couch and watch television.

it's like, ok, why get a fucking dog then? don't you get a dog for companionship? i understand the need to establish dominance, but at the same time, i didn't adopt a dog just so i can be a complete dick to this animal all the time. i just want the fucking thing to not jump all over people when he meets them. but if he jumps a little, it's not the end of the world.

i don't want to shit on dog trainers as a whole, but they just don't seem like fun people. they seem like people who had something, somewhere go very wrong in their lives, and they compensate for it by being in 100% control of these dogs. besides, they deny the dog all this stuff and spend all these hours teaching the dog commands and establishing dominance and when it comes down to it, if the dog doesn't want to sit he's not going to. i'm generalizing of course. but seriously, some of these people who write these articles should really lighten up with the boot camp shit. i don't want to live with a marine, i want to live with a dog.

but anyway, one of my favorite things is to sleep with my dog. it is the shit. he curls up next to me and snores and sometimes farts and i know it sounds terrible but i really like it. and then when we wake up, he doesn't always want to get up so he'll plop his head on my shoulder and give me sleepy eyes. so, for real, son: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? WHY DOES THAT MAKE ME A TERRIBLE DOG OWNER? THIS IS THE REASON I GOT A DOG.

so anyway, just humor me: does your dog sleep in your bed with you, and if i let my dog sleep in my bed, is it really that awful? because i don't think it is.
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