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doggie judgement.

do you let your dog sleep in your bed?

i am reading all these articles on training your dog to make sure he doesn't misbehave. and all of them. . . well. . . kind of suck. there's a lot of no's and don'ts in all these articles. don't let your dog sleep in your bed. don't let your dog go through a doorway first. don't play with your dog on the floor. don't let your dog sit on your couch and watch television.

it's like, ok, why get a fucking dog then? don't you get a dog for companionship? i understand the need to establish dominance, but at the same time, i didn't adopt a dog just so i can be a complete dick to this animal all the time. i just want the fucking thing to not jump all over people when he meets them. but if he jumps a little, it's not the end of the world.

i don't want to shit on dog trainers as a whole, but they just don't seem like fun people. they seem like people who had something, somewhere go very wrong in their lives, and they compensate for it by being in 100% control of these dogs. besides, they deny the dog all this stuff and spend all these hours teaching the dog commands and establishing dominance and when it comes down to it, if the dog doesn't want to sit he's not going to. i'm generalizing of course. but seriously, some of these people who write these articles should really lighten up with the boot camp shit. i don't want to live with a marine, i want to live with a dog.

but anyway, one of my favorite things is to sleep with my dog. it is the shit. he curls up next to me and snores and sometimes farts and i know it sounds terrible but i really like it. and then when we wake up, he doesn't always want to get up so he'll plop his head on my shoulder and give me sleepy eyes. so, for real, son: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? WHY DOES THAT MAKE ME A TERRIBLE DOG OWNER? THIS IS THE REASON I GOT A DOG.

so anyway, just humor me: does your dog sleep in your bed with you, and if i let my dog sleep in my bed, is it really that awful? because i don't think it is.
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There is nothing wrong with your dog sleeping in bed with you. It's your dog and your bed. My dog would sleep with me every night, but, my husband and I agreed on no pets in the bed since our house is full of animals and he wanted one room without them in it.

As for dog trainers- I understand that for some people they are a godsend, people who might otherwise consider getting rid of a dog for a behavior problem... however, people have owned dogs for thousands of years and somehow managed to get by without manuals, websites, and tv shows. Just do what you think is right. Like you said, if you aren't enjoying the time you spend with your dog then what's the point?
Diego usually sleeps in his crate, but sometimes I'll let him sleep on the bed. The biggest thing that I learned from dog training books is to be sure that you're established as the alpha and that you're doing things on your terms. Diego can sit on the couch and watch TV with me, but only if I invite him. He knows that he doesn't have any rights to the couch. The same with the bed, the car, etc. Sometimes he forgets and jumps up and he gets reprimanded and we move on with life. He knows where he stands in the pack and that's the most important thing for both of us to be happy.
This. Henry normally sleeps on the floor at the foot of my bed. If I have (ahem) company, he sleeps downstairs on a rug or, more likely, the couch (because he knows I won't be able to catch him going up there without permission). Every once in a while, though, if he asks me nicely and it's really cold up in the attic, I'll let him up on the bed. I don't do it all the time, though, because A) he takes up a lot of real estate up there, and B) I don't want him to feel it's his right to be up there because then when I have ahem company, he'll resent whoever Mr. Ahem is for usurping his rightful spot. Basically, any item of furniture, he has to ask me first before he's allowed on it. That gives me control and him the comfort of knowing someone's in control. It works really well for us.
I don't let my dogs sleep in bed with me. They are needy, shed and fart. Oh, wait. That's my boyfriend. The dogs aren't that bad.
My dog sleeps with me every night. She takes up too much space, insists on being under the covers, and sometimes sits on my head and farts. It's a pain in the ass. She's awesome and I wouldn't have it any other way.
my mother has many greater-swiss mountain dogs - over 100 lbs of furry fun...

and at least 2, but sometimes 3 sleep in the bed with them.

it's so bad they had to buy a custom-sized enormo-bed; and maybe that's going overboard. But when I feel cruddy and one of the doggies climbs up into my lap on the sofa (all 100 lbs of them) it cheers me up.

There is a special place in our bed for Humphrey - and he knows it. And in the winter, that warm dog is better than any hot water bottle on the planet. I can even take the farting...

Cheeks is a little harder b/c he can't regulate his temp too well but when you have a pile of pudge in your bed, life is good. D and I always say: "Happiness is a Warm Pug."

As for the trainers, they are getting paid to be douche-bags. Forget em.
I have had a dog for 3 months or so of my adult life (found an anciently old little dog playing in traffic. She passed away a few months later) and I always let her sleep in the bed. When my boyfriend at the time started being a dick about that, I switched to the couch with the little dog. I am so glad for every night I spent on the couch with the dog, because fuck that guy. That dog ruled.
This story is awesome!
eL gets to sleep on the bed SOMETIMES as a treat. If she hops up here unannounced then she gets a talking to.

Have you ever been to someone's house and their dog is being a dick? That's where the trainers come into play. I've had friends who I refuse to visit because their dogs are always humping me or won't get off of me when I am trying to sit on the couch. As long as Toro learns early on how to be polite to guests, the cat, and other dogs you all should be fine.

Did I tell you that we now have a king-sized bed? So she gets up here a lot more than she used to...
Frank used to sleep on the bed when he could jump up there. I miss that.