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today was the day that joseph andrew stack posted a suicide note online, proceeded to burn down his own house, then drove to the georgetown airport and flew his private plane into the IRS building here in austin. this was presumably his way of protesting what mr. stack felt was unfair treatment at the hands of the IRS.

what jumped out at me, as the story began to develop throughout the day, was the fact that joe stack owned a house and a plane. this means that right there, without knowing anything else about him, you can conclude that he was better off than 99.9% of the population of austin, texas which is by and large not incredibly affluent.

it was a very selfish and cowardly act committed by a presumably unstable guy who wanted to blame everyone in the world except himself for his own personal problems. at least, that's what i believe, and i think that that opinion would be hard to debate.

but then i turned on the news tonight and saw stories about joseph andrew stack facebook pages... people on the internet saluting this guy as some sort of hero. people saying that this guy was somehow justified in what he did, even going so far as to speculate that he didn't mean to hurt anyone.

i don't know how you intentionally fly a plane into an office building and not expect someone to get hurt.

i've noticed an alarming trend since last november- there seems to be more anger than ever coming from white, upper-middle class people. you see, white people used to have juice. if you were a white upper-class dude, you were the bomb. you made sweet money, you had a nice house, fancy car, you had stocks and 401k's and you had other like-minded white guys in powerful places in government and society, looking out for your interests. your life was the shit.

but since the economy contracted about two years ago, everyone- well, almost everyone- had to tighten their belts a little. some of us had to tighten our belts more than others. but there is definitely a segment of the population that does not understand this and simply cannot deal with it. tighten my belt? why should i tighten MY belt? i'm above that shit. let the poor people brown bag it.

but then things took a drastic change. suddenly, you've lost your job or your business is failing, your house is worth less than what you owe on it, your stock portfolio is in the toilet, and there is a BLACK GUY with a PROGRESSIVE AGENDA in the white house.

this last part, in my opinion, was due to americans telling white upper-class dudes, en masse, "we gave you the keys, and you drove right into a ditch, so now we want to let someone else drive for a while."

now, some white upper-class dudes decided to man up and deal with it. scaled back. regrouped. others, and i dare say most of them, have lost their fucking minds. because their money and their status and their possessions were all they had, they completely shut down when these things are threatened. not saying that was exactly the case with mr. stack, but mr. stack exemplifies a symptom of a much larger illness.

there's a lot of anger out there. there's a lot of marches on the white house, consisting almost exclusively of white people. there's the republican party, largely made up of entitled upper-class white people, aggressively voting against anything that will help the president accomplish anything or look good. there are people flying planes into IRS offices, and there are others praising them for doing so.

when muslim extremists flew planes into buildings to protest our government nine years ago, these same white upper-class people decried them as terrorists. when one of their own does it, he's considered by some to be a hero.

i say to these people the same thing they've been saying to guys like me or anyone that doesn't agree with them for years. this is america, son. if you don't like it, get the fuck out. you don't like the president? leave. no one's stopping you. personally, i didn't like the last guy in office but i didn't move to france. i didn't blow up any buildings, either.

if you really hate the government and you hate the direction this country is going in, then please get the fuck out. but god damn it, stop taking hostages and killing abortion doctors in church and flying your private planes into buildings. grow the fuck up. life is not always easy, and if you're an adult you hunker down and you deal with it instead of striking out at people who have nothing to do with you and your problems.

deal with it.
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