the joseph grey in full fucking effect (greyplanet) wrote,
the joseph grey in full fucking effect

house update

there's a few things going on:

-my mortgage has been approved, and the amount they approved me for is more than i need. i'm going to try applying through my bank too, because if i get approved through them i don't have to make a mortgage payment for the first three months.

-the place i originally wanted is not for sale. for some reason, prudential realty just has this random ass house on several real estate websites but it's not for sale. thinking maybe the owners tried to sell it last year but then changed their minds? still, the guy i talked to at prudential was all like "well, our listings aren't always accurate." hell of a business model, dude.

-i totally can't afford anything where i wanted to live, which is in south austin, west of I-35. however, if you look in south austin, EAST of 35, i mean literally across the highway, there are comparable houses for $50-60K less. i found a lot of really nice looking places in the $100K price range... i could go higher than that, but why spend more if i don't have to? east side of austin is still a little rough- it's frequently described as "up and coming". i don't mind a scruffy neighborhood, actually prefer it because eventually, those neighborhoods will improve and the home value will go up. my commute to work will be the same, i'll still be really close to downtown, and i'll be closer to the band's practice space. speaking of:

-the anchor got back in town this week. they are ready to start doing more manzig shows... jay even wants to book a small tour around texas for 4 or 5 days. he's gotten some offers that seem like we'd actually get paid to play. the guys are also interested in doing something together besides manzig... i gave them the triple scorpio website and asked them to check it out. if they want to do it, great, if not i'll find other people but would still like to play with them because they're cool guys.

-went out to see the anchor play last night, and drank a lot of beer. i'm still on crutches, and it was the first time i've gone out in six weeks. it was a lot of fun. tonight, a roller girl i know asked me if i'd want to be her +1 to a roller derby bout tonight. she skates for them but is injured so she can't play tonight.

-this week i start physical therapy and my realtor wants to take me out to start looking at houses. still can't believe i'm doing this...
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