the joseph grey in full fucking effect (greyplanet) wrote,
the joseph grey in full fucking effect

if this is it, please let me know

so tonight is my first night in the new house.

i moved over some clothes to wear to work, most of toro's stuff, some food items, and all my bathroom stuff. . . just enough to get by.

i haven't moved tasha brown over yet, just because i know i can leave her by herself for a while and she'll be fine. i'm going to try to get her tomorrow or the next day.

also, moved over one of my guitars and my amp. i was going to wait to do this, until i put deadbolts on my door, and then i thought, "fuck it. there's a big ass dog living here now. i doubt anyone's going to break into what appears to be an empty house with a big fucking dog in it." totally worth it; it feels mighty good to be able to turn my amp up and sing and not worry about my neighbors getting pissed.

my decision came this morning, after spending the night at my apartment, sleeping in my shitty bed. when i woke up, my back hurt, my neck hurt, and i had a raging headache. it occurred to me that i'd just purchased a massive, comfy bed that's just sitting unused in the new spacious house i just bought... so why the fuck am i torturing myself sleeping in this awful bed?

so me and the boy are here, toro's already asleep. he's already made a friend; one of the neighbor's dogs just roams freely around my block. while i was getting my refrigerator delivered today, this dog literally walked into the garage and stuck his head in my kitchen. toro came out and chased him around the front yard, and now they're buds.

i'm liking this place more and more every minute, and i can't wait until i can get all my stuff moved over here.
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