the joseph grey in full fucking effect (greyplanet) wrote,
the joseph grey in full fucking effect

these things happened:

- spent the night in the house. woke up seriously feeling better than i have felt in a long time. i am convinced that sleeping on that futon was the culprit of many of my problems... i'm not kidding, most mornings i get up and i can barely move because my lower back is killing me. my backaches have actually woken me up at night. but after sleeping on a real bed, i jumped right out of bed this morning and felt really, really good all day.

- toro, on the other hand, did not. the boy, he has a nervous stomach, and when he gets nervous, he gets squirty. poor guy pooped in the living room and in the spare bedroom. i locked him in the garage while i was gone because i seriously didn't know what else to do. feeding him pumpkin until the anxiety passes.

- met my new boss this morning. said, "hi, i'm joseph grey." he shook my hand and said, "yeah, i know." i don't know what to make of it.

- i went to the apartment to check on tasha brown, and i picked up some cooking supplies. went to the grocery store. the grocery store in this neighborhood is called fiesta. this might be the most mexican place i've ever seen. i walked in, and they're bumping tejano music, and they sell gold jewelry next to the produce, and belts, and goya products, and dickies pants. the dickies pants are next to the meat department. shit is bananas, son. i felt like i was back in bushwick.

- tomorrow, working late. yeeeeeeeaaaah. then i'm going to go to the apartment, hopefully pick up tasha brown, and bring her back to the house. after that, will be spending wed, thurs and fri cleaning up my apartment for the barbecue on saturday.

- i am exhausted.
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