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everything looks beautiful on video.

the joseph grey in full fucking effect

the epoxies, "everything looks beautiful on video"






i currently live in austin, texas.

i have previously lived in brooklyn NY, baltimore MD, and new orleans LA, where i was born and raised.

former financial advisor who lost my job a couple of years ago and fell into a day job temping at a computer company and a night job as a pedicabber. i'm broke but i haven't been this happy in a long time.

i play music and write but do not consider myself a musician or writer, because those guys are douchebags. i am an entertainer.

i like rock and roll, traveling, drinking, telling stories, and my black lab toro. not necessarily in that order.

if i am not working or sleeping, i am out looking for trouble and am always looking for fellow trouble-seekers.

my journal is mostly friends only, so friend me.